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5280 Laser Aesthetics specializes in a wide range of non-surgical laser frequency treatments. We utilize only the highest quality products and ingredients to make your skin nourished and hydrated. Our specialists carefully select all the product options and ingredients to serve a real purpose for your skin.
Our philosophy is effective skincare practices, combined with both a progressive and
traditional approach. 5280 Laser Aesthetics offers effective and safe laser treatment to help you stay healthy while returning a soft youthful appearance to your skin. All treatments are performed conveniently and confidentially in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our Advantages

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

I am a professional therapist with decades of experience.

Safe and Effective

Safe and Effective

I ONLY use the safest and certified materials and equipment, based on international standards

People Trust Us

People Trust Us

I offer a personal service specifically for you and your requirements

State-of-Art Facility

State-of-Art Facility

5280 Laser Aesthetics use only the latest technology and equipment

Take Full Advantage of My Laser Clinic Services

5280 Laser Aesthetics believes it’s vital to earn your confidence before you consider scheduling a treatment. Since it’s extremely important to provide the individual treatment, I will give you a complete analysis of your health history as well as your previously used products and services. 5280 Laser Aesthetics is here to help you keep your natural beauty looking its best. I focus on health and long term results. From laser hair removal to laser lipo, I offer a wide range of services including:

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    Teeth Whitening

    • 1 hour session$199.00
    • 30 min session$99.00
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    Laser Hair Removal

    • Laser Removal Sides of Face$25.00
    • Laser Removal - Brazilian$127.50
    • Laser Removal - Chest$300.00
    • Laser Removal -Chin$38.00
    • Full legs for Men$400.00
    • Upper or lower legs for Men$350.00
    • Full arms for Men$200.00
    • Upper or lower arms for Men$150.00
    • Ears & nose for Men$70.00
    • Fingers & toes for Men$70.00
    • Beard with back of neck for Men$175.00
    • Beard or back of neck for Men$100.00
    • Shoulders for Men$125.00
    • Full chest for Men$300.00
    • Full back for Men$300.00
    • Fingers & toes for Women$70.00
    • Full legs for Women$350.00
    • Upper or lower legs for Women$250.00
    • Full arms for Women$180.00
    • Upper or lower arms for Women$125.00
    • Brazillian for Women$180.00
    • Bikini for Women$130.00
    • Naval with abdominal trail for Women$75.00
    • Naval or abdominal trail for Women$50.00
    • Under arms for Women$75.00
    • Full face for Women$150.00
    • Sides of Face for Women$75.00
    • Eyebrows for Women$65.00
    • Nose for Women$65.00
    • Gabella for Women$35.00
    • Lip with chin for Women$100.00
    • Lip or chin for Women$65.00
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    Body Sculpting

    • Arms Lipo Laser Inch Loss$150.00
    • Back Lipo Laser Inch Loss$75.00
    • Thighs Galore - Upper, Inner & Outer Thighs Lipo Laser Inch Loss$200.00
    • Stomach Lipo Laser Inch Loss First Appointment (1 hr)$200.00
    • Stomach Lipo Laser Inch Los$200.00
    • Stomach Lipo Laser Inch Loss$200.00
    • UPPER/ LOWER BACK (20 mins strawberry plus 30 mins fascia blasting plus 10 mins vibration plate)$80.00
    • LOVE HANDLES (20 mins strawberry plus 30 min fascia blasting plus 10 min vibration plate)$80.00
    • THIGHS (20 min strawberry plus 30 min blasting plus 10 vibration plate)$80.00
    • ARMS (10 mins strawberry 10 min strawberry 20 mins fascia blasting plus 10 min vibrator plate)$75.00
    • ABDAMEN AREA (20 mins strawberry plus 30 mins fascia blasting plus 10 mins vibrator plate)$80.00
    • Fascia blasting Lip & jowls$30.00
    • Fascia blasting Eyes$20.00
    • Fascia blasting Forehead plus eyes$30.00
    • Fascia blasting Forehead$20.00
    • Ionic foot bath 30 min$35.00
    • Ionic foot bath 1 hour$50.00
    • Ionic foot bath 10 Session$400.00
    • Chins Lipo Inch Loss$75.00
    • Mans Pecks Lipo Inch Loss$150.00
    • Butt Lipo Inch Loss$150.00
    • Calves Lipo Inch Loss$150.00
    • Back Lipo$150.00
    • Lower thigh Lipo Inch Loss$150.00
    • Arms Lipo$150.00
    • Thighs Galore Lipo Inch Loss$200.00
    • Abdomen Lipo Inch Loss$200.00
    • Side by Side Lipo Inch Loss$200.00
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    Cosmetic procedures

    • Sebaceous Hyperplasia Removal$100.00
    • Skin Tag Removal$25.00
    • Ideal for begnign vascular & pegmented lesion - FACE$250.00
    • Ideal for sun & age spots$150.00
    • LV designed to treat vascular lesions & leg vains$0.00
    • Combination idea for skin tightening, sagginess & wrinkles all in one - FACE$275.00
    • Stretch mark removal Back$350.00
    • Stretch mark removal Inner things$200.00
    • Stretch mark removal Sides of things$250.00
    • Stretch mark removal Butt$250.00
    • Stretch mark removal Sides$200.00
    • Stretch mark removal Stomach$200.00
    • Full arms rejuvenation$325.00
    • Lower arms rejuvenation$225.00
    • Hands rejuvenation$100.00
    • Skin resurfacing Nasolabial$85.00
    • Skin resurfacing Eye brow lines$65.00
    • Skin resurfacing Forehead$150.00
    • Skin resurfacing Eyes$100.00
    • Skin resurfacing Jowls$175.00
    • Skin resurfacing Decollete$225.00
    • Skin resurfacing Neck$225.00
    • Skin resurfacing Face$275.00
    • Abdominal Age spot removal$200.00
    • Age spot removal Full back$350.00
    • Age spot removal Shoulders$250.00
    • Age spot removal Full arms$300.00
    • Age spot removal Hands$100.00
    • Age spot removal Lower arms$200.00
    • Age spot removal Chest$200.00
    • Age spot removal Neck$150.00
    • Age spot removal Face$200.00
    • Wrinkle reduction Neck$150.00
    • Wrinkle reduction Face$200.00
    • Wrinkle reduction Decollete$150.00
    • Abdominal IPL$200.00
    • IPL Full back$350.00
    • IPL Shoulders$250.00
    • IPL Full arms$300.00
    • IPL Hands$100.00
    • IPL Lower arms$200.00
    • IPL Chest$200.00
    • IPL Neck$150.00
    • IPL Face$200.00
    • Sublative RF Both hands$200.00
    • Sublative RF Chest$250.00
    • Sublative RF Neck$225.00
    • Sublative RF Face$275.00
    • Skin Tightenting Face$200.00
    • Skin Tightenting Jowls$100.00
    • Skin Tightenting Neck$150.00
    • Skin Tightenting Eyes$75.00
    • Skin Tightenting Forhead$75.00
    • Skin Tightenting Eye Brow line$35.00
    • Skin Tightenting Nasolabial$55.00
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    Radio Frequency Treatment

    • Viveve (Viveve Woman's Health Urinary incontenence & sexual disfunction )$2500.00
    • Sebaceous Hyperlasia Removal$75.00
    • Milia Removal$75.00
    • Mole removal$75.00
    • Cherry Anginoma Removal$75.00
    • Skin Tag Removal$75.00
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    Skin treatments

    • Rosacea treatment Nose & Chin$75.00
    • Rosacea treatment Cheeks$75.00
    • Rosacea treatment Chest$150.00
    • Rosacea treatment Back$175.00
    • Rosacea treatment Neck$100.00
    • Rosacea treatment Face$100.00
    • Acne treatment Nose & Chin$75.00
    • Acne treatment Cheeks$75.00
    • Acne treatment Chest$150.00
    • Acne treatment Back$175.00
    • Acne treatment Neck$100.00
    • Acne treatment Face$100.00
    • Scars removal Nose & Chin$75.00
    • Scars removal Cheeks$75.00
    • Scars removal Chest$150.00
    • Scars removal Back$175.00
    • Scars removal Neck$100.00
    • Scars removal Face$75.00
    • Acne scars removal Nose & Chin$75.00
    • Acne scars removal Cheeks$75.00
    • Acne scars removal Chest$150.00
    • Acne scars removal Back$175.00
    • Acne scars removal Neck$100.00
    • Acne scars removal Face$100.00
    • Varicose treatment 30 min$250.00
    • Varicose treatment 15 min$200.00
    • Spider vein removal on Legs 30 min$200.00
    • Spider vein removal on Legs 15 min$150.00
    • Spider vein removal on Full face$150.00
    • Spider vein removal on Nose & cheek$125.00
    • Spider vein removal on Nose$100.00
    • Abdominal sun spot removal$200.00
    • Sun spot removal Full back$350.00
    • Sun spot removal Shoulders$250.00
    • Sun spot removal Full arms$300.00
    • Sun spot removal Hands$100.00
    • Sun spot removal Lower arms$200.00
    • Sun spot removal Chest$200.00
    • Sun spot removal Neck$150.00
    • Sun spot removal Face$200.00
    • Abdominal dark spot removal$200.00
    • Dark spot removal Full back$350.00
    • Dark spot removal Shoulders$250.00
    • Dark spot removal Full arms$300.00
    • Dark spot removal Hands$100.00
    • Dark spot removal Lower arms$200.00
    • Dark spot removal Chest$200.00
    • Dark spot removal Neck$150.00
    • Dark spot removal Face$200.00
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Professional Laser Clinic in Colorado

5280 Laser Aesthetics is a high-quality and professional laser center located in Thornton, CO. I take great pride in providing quality treatments at an affordable price. My health center offers skin tightening, laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction, and more. Contact me to start your transformation today!


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Just have a look at what people in Thornton, CO are saying about my laser clinic.

Lori is awesome! I started with the strawberry laser lipo and with her guidance I lost inches off of my stomach, legs, and arms. Lori offers other services, which I've also had successful results...
Lori worked with me weeks before my wedding! She was amazing in every aspect of the word! I would return, and highly recommend her.
I did 8 laser lipo sessions and lost a total of 15 inches. I also did the milia removal treatment. She offers many other services such and ion bath tag removal and laser hair removal. Thanks to Lori ...
Love love love Lori and she is so knowledgeable and good at everything she does! Prices are so reasonable and she always does what the client wants and feels comfortable with. Will definitely be ...
Lori is great! She made me feel comfortable, and welcomed. She offers a variety of services, I used the strawberry laser Lipo. I noticed results immediately after the first treatment! Would do it again!
Lori is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable during your treatment!! Highly recommend the strawberry laser!! Came out with amazing results!!
Lori is fantastic! She is thorough, professional, and very sweet and fun to talk to! I came in with a little bit of pudge (trying to get ready for swimsuit season) and the results were astonishing ...
Went for the strawberry laser lipo and Lori was great!! Very friendly, makes you feel comfortable, and offers a variety of services! I did lose a few inches around my abdomen and I’m happy with my ...
I came in for teeth whitening and was very satisfied with the results. Also, very friendly and comfortable apiusers and environment.
Amazing experience, Lori is so adorable even with my 2 little girls. I'd definitely return with her for more.
Lori is the absolute best! Great person and really cares about results!!
Lori is a delight! She is sweet and funny and gets joy from helping people. The lazer treatment was great and she has so many more services to offer. It was a wonderful experience and I plan to have ...
I had a wonderful experience and great results with Lori and the Strawberry. Several inches lost around my waist with 8 treatments. Lori is super friendly, and comfortable to work with! I highly ...
I love Lori !!! She makes you feel comfortable. And is super friendly !! I am happy with the services that I got and can’t wait for more ..
Lori is the absolute best! She's incredibly knowledgeable about the services she provides, always makes you feel at home, super sweet and super patient! Definitely going back for more services, 100% recommend!
Lori is amazing! The sweetest woman you’ll ever meet. She did an amazing job. There was no pain involved at all and it was very low key! Thank you so much for connecting with me Lori!
Absolutely AMAZING! I was a huge skeptic, but now I'm hooked! If you are thinking about doing this, DO IT!! -- P.S. - If you are thinking about using the Groupon... call Lori FIRST for all the info!
Lori is absolutely the best! I look forward to my appointments because she makes me feel like a friend and not just a client. She is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to make sure her clients ...
Love the laser hair removal! Lori is a great technician! Lori answers all my questions and explains what will be happening. Love everything about this place and can’t wait to try other services!!!
She is awesome. She'll answer all your questions, find a time that works for you, and will give a realistic result. Treatments work!

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