Get a Brighter Smile with Our Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment in Thornton CO

5280 Laser Aesthetics offers laser teeth whitening services that are fast, effective, and safe. Visit us today and get that alluring sparkle that will have everyone talking!

Laser teeth whitening is becoming the number one in-demand cosmetic procedure each year because of its immediate results. Besides the charming sparkle that is bound to get everyone talking, it is believed that having white teeth leads to high self-esteem among other professional, social, and personal benefits. Our clinic offers aesthetic laser teeth whitening in Thornton, CO, serving Broomfield, Northglenn, Boulder, and Westminster.   

The Laser Teeth Whitening Process

During the teeth whitening session, the client is required to insert a mouth prop between the back teeth to open the mouth slightly. They (client) then put a replaceable cheek retractor to slightly pull the cheeks and lips open and to uncover the teeth. The client will then apply a small amount of whitening gel to every tooth that needs bleaching and use a special brush to spread it evenly over the tooth.

The client will then wear the protective eyewear and adjust the light correctly. At this point, the light will be turned on to allow the treatment to commence. The laser bleaching teeth process takes 15-20 minutes.

teeth laser whitening before and afterlaser teeth whitening before and afterlaser tooth whitening before and afterbefore and after pictures of laser teeth whitening

How Much Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost?

The laser teeth whitening cost varies depending on the type and severity of your teeth discoloration. On average, the retail cost of laser smile whitening starts at about $375. When you pick 5280 Laser Aesthetics for your teeth whitening procedure, the cost greatly reduces. You won’t have to break the bank to get that million-dollar smile.

1 hour session $199.00
30 min session $99.00

For many of us, the aging process and our lifestyle have left us with undesirable discolorations on our teeth. Other than smoking, drinking coffee, tea, sodas, and wine are some of the habits that contribute to discolored teeth. The 5280 Laser Aesthetics teeth bleaching system is effective, fast, and safe. You can actually get a brighter, whiter smile today, in less than 30 minutes.

Finding Laser Teeth Whitening Near Me

Visit us at 5280 Laser Aesthetics and let us bring your smile to an uncompromisable level. Although we have our main offices at Thornton CO, and the residents of Broomfield, Boulder, Northglenn, and Westminster are welcome!