Laser Skin Treatment Services in Thornton, CO – Your Best Non-Surgical Option

At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we believe that every patient’s needs vary. We will conduct a thorough consultation to ascertain which laser skin treatment procedure is best for you

Also known as laser skin resurfacing or laser vaporization, our laser skin treatment services is a non-surgical solution that uses lasers to improve different skin irregularities and blemishes such as cow’s feet, wrinkles, and other fine lines. In aesthetic laser treatments, the outer layer of the skin is removed while at the same time the underneath layer of the skin is heated, triggering the skin cells to create elastin and collagen fibers. The use of lasers for skin treatments leads to controlled injury to the blemished skin, which promotes wound healing and remodeling. The healing process produces new skin cells, giving rise to a tighter, smoother skin surface.

Our laser skin center offers different types of laser skin treatment services in Thornton CO; Broomfield CO; Northglenn CO; Boulder CO, and Westminster CO.

Here are some of the services provided at our laser skin center:

How Much Does Our Laser Skin Treatment Cost?

The laser skin treatment cost in a laser skin clinic varies depending on the area of the laser exposure to your skin. The price also depends on the kind of laser used. 

Below find the minimum prices for all kinds of treatment procedures offered at 5280 Laser Aesthetics:

Rosacea treatment Nose & Chin $75.00
Rosacea treatment Cheeks $75.00
Rosacea treatment Chest $150.00
Rosacea treatment Back $175.00
Rosacea treatment Neck $100.00
Rosacea treatment Face $100.00
Acne treatment Nose & Chin $75.00
Acne treatment Cheeks $75.00
Acne treatment Chest $150.00
Acne treatment Back $175.00
Acne treatment Neck $100.00
Acne treatment Face $100.00
Scars removal Nose & Chin $75.00
Scars removal Cheeks $75.00
Scars removal Chest $150.00
Scars removal Back $175.00
Scars removal Neck $100.00
Scars removal Face $75.00
Acne scars removal Nose & Chin $75.00
Acne scars removal Cheeks $75.00
Acne scars removal Chest $150.00
Acne scars removal Back $175.00
Acne scars removal Neck $100.00
Acne scars removal Face $100.00
Varicose treatment 30 min $250.00
Varicose treatment 15 min $200.00
Spider vein removal on Legs 30 min $200.00
Spider vein removal on Legs 15 min $150.00
Spider vein removal on Full face $150.00
Spider vein removal on Nose & cheek $125.00
Spider vein removal on Nose $100.00
Abdominal sun spot removal $200.00
Sun spot removal Full back $350.00
Sun spot removal Shoulders $250.00
Sun spot removal Full arms $300.00
Sun spot removal Hands $100.00
Sun spot removal Lower arms $200.00
Sun spot removal Chest $200.00
Sun spot removal Neck $150.00
Sun spot removal Face $200.00
Abdominal dark spot removal $200.00
Dark spot removal Full back $350.00
Dark spot removal Shoulders $250.00
Dark spot removal Full arms $300.00
Dark spot removal Hands $100.00
Dark spot removal Lower arms $200.00
Dark spot removal Chest $200.00
Dark spot removal Neck $150.00
Dark spot removal Face $200.00

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