Cosmetic Laser Treatments for Various Skin Conditions in Thornton CO

Our priority is offering the most professional cosmetic treatments in the safest way possible.

At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we appreciate the beauty of each and every one and their unique attributes. But, our cosmetic laser treatments in Thornton CO are here to help when aging; unwanted hair, damaged skin, and other issues become a source of embarrassment or discomfort. Our aesthetic laser rejuvenation center offers a wide range of services including deep cleansing, rejuvenating, refreshing, restoring skin tone and texture, and reducing skin imperfections. 

We provide different kinds of treatments for laser skin rejuvenation. Visit any of the pages below for more information on our laser cosmetic services:

We Offer Advanced Cosmetic Laser Services

At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we provide numerous cosmetic laser services. These include multiple procedures to make your skin young-looking and healthier. We use lasers and other advanced treatment technology to improve the appearance of your skin and with little to no pain. 

With our rejuvenative therapy, you will be able to tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth and eyes. When you finally have smoother skin, you won’t have to agonize over “make-up cake-up” which actually illuminates the very wrinkles and lines you are trying to hide.

At our laser clinic, we offer state-of-the-art, all-inclusive laser and aesthetic services for men and women of all ages. Check out our laser skin rejuvenation cost from the table below:

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Removal $100.00
Skin Tag Removal $25.00
Ideal for begnign vascular & pegmented lesion - FACE $250.00
Ideal for sun & age spots $150.00
LV designed to treat vascular lesions & leg vains $0.00
Combination idea for skin tightening, sagginess & wrinkles all in one - FACE $275.00
Stretch mark removal Back $350.00
Stretch mark removal Inner things $200.00
Stretch mark removal Sides of things $250.00
Stretch mark removal Butt $250.00
Stretch mark removal Sides $200.00
Stretch mark removal Stomach $200.00
Full arms rejuvenation $325.00
Lower arms rejuvenation $225.00
Hands rejuvenation $100.00
Skin resurfacing Nasolabial $85.00
Skin resurfacing Eye brow lines $65.00
Skin resurfacing Forehead $150.00
Skin resurfacing Eyes $100.00
Skin resurfacing Jowls $175.00
Skin resurfacing Decollete $225.00
Skin resurfacing Neck $225.00
Skin resurfacing Face $275.00
Abdominal Age spot removal $200.00
Age spot removal Full back $350.00
Age spot removal Shoulders $250.00
Age spot removal Full arms $300.00
Age spot removal Hands $100.00
Age spot removal Lower arms $200.00
Age spot removal Chest $200.00
Age spot removal Neck $150.00
Age spot removal Face $200.00
Wrinkle reduction Neck $150.00
Wrinkle reduction Face $200.00
Wrinkle reduction Decollete $150.00
Abdominal IPL $200.00
IPL Full back $350.00
IPL Shoulders $250.00
IPL Full arms $300.00
IPL Hands $100.00
IPL Lower arms $200.00
IPL Chest $200.00
IPL Neck $150.00
IPL Face $200.00
Sublative RF Both hands $200.00
Sublative RF Chest $250.00
Sublative RF Neck $225.00
Sublative RF Face $275.00
Skin Tightenting Face $200.00
Skin Tightenting Jowls $100.00
Skin Tightenting Neck $150.00
Skin Tightenting Eyes $75.00
Skin Tightenting Forhead $75.00
Skin Tightenting Eye Brow line $35.00
Skin Tightenting Nasolabial $55.00

Looking for a Cosmetic Laser Center Near You?

Look younger, refresh your skin, or change anything that has always bothered you with cosmetic laser services and aesthetics from 5280 Laser Aesthetics. 

Our cosmetic laser center in Thornton, CO is known for expertise in facial rejuvenation. We will help you integrate no-downtime treatments to great effect. Reach out now to quickly and painlessly rejuvenate your skin. Broomfield, Boulder, Northglenn, and Westminster residents are welcome!