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If you’ve ever had extra weight, you know just how hard it can be to lose those excess pounds. You may have tried surgeries, special diet plans, countless diet pills but nothing worked. The most popular weight-loss surgeries involve restrictive diets both before and after the surgery, incisions, and long recovery times. If you follow the aesthetic laser treatment for weight loss by Ion foot detox, you are bound to receive optimum results. Try laser fat removal at 5280 Laser Aesthetics. We will not only help you get rid of the extra weight through laser body sculpting but also remove toxins that clog your body and add weight. 

Find out more about the laser fat removal services we offer in Thornton CO:

Learn About Laser Fat Removal Cost

Cut down your target areas, reshape your body, and tighten and tone that loose skin. At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we understand that exercise and diet aren’t just enough to remove that stubborn body fat. We offer body sculpting services together with minimally-invasive liposuction procedures that will permanently remove the excess fat and also utilize your natural fat to reconstruct your natural contours and grant you that shape that you’ve always craved. Laser fat removal cost differs depending on the areas of concern for instance stomach laser fat removal or hip laser fat removal. It also depends on your ultimate goals and the number of sessions required. Check out the table below for our prices:

Ionic foot bath 10 Session $400.00
Ionic foot bath 1 hour $50.00
Ionic foot bath 30 min $35.00
Stomach Lipo Laser Inch Los $200.00
Back Lipo $150.00
Chins Lipo Inch Loss $75.00
Butt Lipo Inch Loss $150.00
Calves Lipo Inch Loss $150.00
Lower thigh Lipo Inch Loss $150.00
Thighs Galore Lipo Inch Loss $200.00
Abdomen Lipo Inch Loss $200.00
Side by Side Lipo Inch Loss $200.00
Stomach Lipo Laser Inch Loss $200.00
UPPER/ LOWER BACK (20 mins strawberry plus 30 mins fascia blasting plus 10 mins vibration plate) $80.00
LOVE HANDLES (20 mins strawberry plus 30 min fascia blasting plus 10 min vibration plate) $80.00
THIGHS (20 min strawberry plus 30 min blasting plus 10 vibration plate) $80.00
Back Lipo Laser Inch Loss $75.00
Arms Lipo Laser Inch Loss $150.00
Arms Lipo $150.00
Thighs Galore - Upper, Inner & Outer Thighs Lipo Laser Inch Loss $200.00
Mans Pecks Lipo Inch Loss $150.00
Fascia blasting Lip & jowls $30.00
Fascia blasting Eyes $20.00
Fascia blasting Forehead $20.00
Fascia blasting Forehead plus eyes $30.00
ABDAMEN AREA (20 mins strawberry plus 30 mins fascia blasting plus 10 mins vibrator plate) $80.00
ARMS (10 mins strawberry 10 min strawberry 20 mins fascia blasting plus 10 min vibrator plate) $75.00
Stomach Lipo Laser Inch Loss First Appointment (1 hr) $200.00

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5280 Laser Associates offers non-invasive fat reduction solutions as well as non-surgical body sculpting treatments. Reach out to our office in Thornton, CO and learn more about our different services. We service residents of Thornton,  Broomfield, Boulder, Northglenn, and Westminster, CO.


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Carrie Oster
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is awesome! I started with the strawberry laser lipo and with her guidance I lost inches off of my stomach, legs, and arms. Lori offers other services, which I've also had successful results...
Alma Portillo
Thornton, Colorado
Lori worked with me weeks before my wedding! She was amazing in every aspect of the word! I would return, and highly recommend her.
Jasmine Acosta
Thornton, Colorado
I did 8 laser lipo sessions and lost a total of 15 inches. I also did the milia removal treatment. She offers many other services such and ion bath tag removal and laser hair removal. Thanks to Lori ...
Sonya 526
Thornton, Colorado
Love love love Lori and she is so knowledgeable and good at everything she does! Prices are so reasonable and she always does what the client wants and feels comfortable with. Will definitely be ...
Donita Davenport
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is great! She made me feel comfortable, and welcomed. She offers a variety of services, I used the strawberry laser Lipo. I noticed results immediately after the first treatment! Would do it again!
Tiffani Pfeiffer
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable during your treatment!! Highly recommend the strawberry laser!! Came out with amazing results!!
Hachi Kimiko
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is fantastic! She is thorough, professional, and very sweet and fun to talk to! I came in with a little bit of pudge (trying to get ready for swimsuit season) and the results were astonishing ...
Lizette Quintero
Thornton, Colorado
Went for the strawberry laser lipo and Lori was great!! Very friendly, makes you feel comfortable, and offers a variety of services! I did lose a few inches around my abdomen and I’m happy with my ...
Dru Ralph
Thornton, Colorado
I came in for teeth whitening and was very satisfied with the results. Also, very friendly and comfortable employees and environment.
I Lizett MP
Thornton, Colorado
Amazing experience, Lori is so adorable even with my 2 little girls. I'd definitely return with her for more.
Leanica Tiongson
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is the absolute best! Great person and really cares about results!!
julie darling
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is a delight! She is sweet and funny and gets joy from helping people. The lazer treatment was great and she has so many more services to offer. It was a wonderful experience and I plan to have ...
Kathleen Dee
Thornton, Colorado
I had a wonderful experience and great results with Lori and the Strawberry. Several inches lost around my waist with 8 treatments. Lori is super friendly, and comfortable to work with! I highly ...
Jessica Gray
Thornton, Colorado
I love Lori !!! She makes you feel comfortable. And is super friendly !! I am happy with the services that I got and can’t wait for more ..
Spencer Chase-Seymour
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is the absolute best! She's incredibly knowledgeable about the services she provides, always makes you feel at home, super sweet and super patient! Definitely going back for more services, 100% recommend!
Amanda Goldman
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is amazing! The sweetest woman you’ll ever meet. She did an amazing job. There was no pain involved at all and it was very low key! Thank you so much for connecting with me Lori!
Deep Thoughts With Dana
Thornton, Colorado
Absolutely AMAZING! I was a huge skeptic, but now I'm hooked! If you are thinking about doing this, DO IT!! -- P.S. - If you are thinking about using the Groupon... call Lori FIRST for all the info!
Brianna Bassano
Thornton, Colorado
Lori is absolutely the best! I look forward to my appointments because she makes me feel like a friend and not just a client. She is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to make sure her clients ...
Mike and Bree Kimbrough
Thornton, Colorado
Love the laser hair removal! Lori is a great technician! Lori answers all my questions and explains what will be happening. Love everything about this place and can’t wait to try other services!!!
Luz Duque
Thornton, Colorado
She is awesome. She'll answer all your questions, find a time that works for you, and will give a realistic result. Treatments work!

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