Teeth Whitening


Smile Labs cosmetic teeth bleaching system is fast, safe and effective! You can get a whiter, brighter smile today in as low as 15 minutes. 

Book a Single (one 15-minute session ~ $99), Double (two 15-min sessions ~ $149) or Multi Session ( three 15-minute sessions ~$199) 

Touch ups are only $69.99

Call or Text Lori at 307-389-2498 to book today!

How it Works:  Customer inserts a mouth prop between their back teeth to slightly open the mouth, client then inserts a disposable cheek retractor to pull the lips and cheeks open slightly and to expose the teeth. Then, the client applies a droplet of whitening gel to each tooth to be bleached and spreads evenly over the tooth with a special brush. The client then puts on the protective eyewear, adjusts the light correctly, the light is turned on and the treatment starts. Time is in 15-20 minute intervals.
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