Ionic Foot Bath


Regular Pricing

$35.00 for 30mins OR $50 for 1 hour


*10 Session Punch Card Package*

Purchase 10 ~1 Hour Ion Foot Baths for $400

($100 savings in total - each hour sessioin only $40!)

10 things Ion Foot Baths do for you:

1. Healthy weight loss: maintain the weight that is correct for you.

2. More energy, better state of mind: think clearly with more energy.

3. Restore & regain health: create stronger immunity for yourself with fewer aches & pains.

4. Rid your body of toxins: the detox system removes heavy metals, chemicals & many more toxins.

5. Receive relief: from sore & aching joints which are symptoms of arthritis & bursitis.

6. Maintain good health: obtain high energy levels & long term wellness.

7. Unburden your body: Get rid of herbicides, pesticides, coloring, additives, preservatives, & other chemicals that reside in your food & air.

8. Quick, easy & affordable solutions: restore balance to the body & its organs with lessening the body's symptoms of discomfort.

9. Slow the aging process & look younger: Aging of your skin slows & you are able to gain more youthful appearance.

10. Rejuvenation: look & feel great inside & out, beautiful skin & hair

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